Innovation led by Jeremy Fand and Daniel Wilson.

Jeremy Fand


A former Wall Street Economist/Strategist who has worked to understand the signal to noise ratio discoverable in many forms of data.
Jeremy spent almost a decade at Tudor Investments as a Portfolio Manager, putting these lessons to work in markets.
He has since become more directly involved in alternative data and geospatial data while at Bloomberg and most recently as CEO of a satellite analytics startup.

Daniel Wilson


A Data Scientist who has spent his career applying novel advanced analytics techniques such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data to real world problems.

After tackling some of the US Intelligence Community’s toughest geospatial data challenges, Daniel transitioned to lead a team at Esri focused on developing next generation geospatial AI capabilities, before co-founding SeerAI.

Rob Fletcher, PhD

Chief Scientist

Earned his PhD in High Energy Particle Physics and spent a majority of his career studying fundamental particles on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. Focused on using Artificial Intelligence to improve traditional physics analysis and statistical techniques to push the limits on what could be discovered using particle collision data.

Transitioning out of academia Rob found himself leading a team of data scientists at Esri whose primary task was to deliver high quality custom AI solutions to clients.